REPOST: Can this guy’s parkour skills save him from the zombie onslaught?

The new ad for video game ‘Dying Light’ appeals not just to zombie-hating gamers but also to parkour enthusiasts. In the video, a man jumps from rooftop to rooftop using his impressive parkour skills to escape a pack of chasing zombies. has the report on this adrenaline-pumping trailer:

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If there’s one thing TV and movies have taught us, it’s that surviving the zombie apocalypse requires quickly and skillfully getting out of tough situations.

In a video produced by Ampisound and directed by Scott Bass, hero runner Toby Segar uses his parkour skills to run from rooftop to rooftop in Cambridge, England, to try to escape the clutches of brain-hungry zombies.

For a while, his escape seems to be going pretty well, but those pesky zombies keep catching up with him or appearing in front of him. Then reality kicks in, and as he fails to make his final jump, he’s devoured by the zombie waiting for him below.

It was a good run for Segar, but it just goes to show that no matter how fast you are and no matter how good your parkour skills, pesky humans can only survive the zombies for so long.

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