Ninja warrior in the making: The parkour advantage

I chanced upon an episode of “American Ninja Warrior” while browsing channels after my favorite show “The Game of Thrones.” As the contestants traversed a series of physically demanding obstacles, I cannot help but wonder if I could be one of those competitors. This is not just wishful thinking. As a parkour enthusiast, I believe I have an edge.

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Parkour is known to have begun as a military exercise measuring agents’ efficiency in getting from one point to another as quickly as possible regardless of obstacles or terrain. Currently, parkour is considered the art of traversing settings imbued with hurdles, sprints, and jumps, and has been visible in sports, dancing, films, and other stunt-filled spectacles.

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Parkour movements and stunts are every challenging to execute. It took all of my dedication and perspiration before I could master the basics. Parkour challenges one’s speed, stamina, agility, and strength, every move apt for the various stages of “American Ninja Warrior,” which pits contestants against each other, as each of them struggle to successfully complete such stages within the shortest time possible.

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Going back to becoming a ninja, I have reviewed previous episodes of the show and what I have seen so far impressed me enough to make me hesitant to even submit an application. I am an enthusiast but I consider myself a novice compared to the likes of Kacy Catanzaro who went for the 2014 finals. You might want check this video out to see how real parkour is done.

I might as well be dreaming about becoming a ninja warrior. Maybe I need to enroll in extensive parkour programs. For the meantime, I will maximize whatever chance I get to practice my moves and become better.

I am Brent Morgan Waco. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I work as a physical therapist. When I am not helping my patients recover from their injury or ailment, I spend time getting fit though yoga and parkour. Add my Google+ page to your circles if you wish to share my passions.