The most iconic lines in ‘Game of Thrones’

For its past four seasons, “Game of Thrones” provided us not only with a plethora of remarkable characters and haunting scenes, but also with some of the most unforgettable lines delivered on television. As we await the show’s fifth season, let’s recall a few of GOT’s infamous and iconic lines (Take heed, some spoilers ahead):

“The things I do for love.”

Jaime Lannister said this to her sister, Cersei, before pushing young Brandon Stark out of the window, crippling the boy and sparking events that led to the War of the Five Kings.

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“What do we say to the God of death?” “Not today.”

The lessons the bravo Syrio Forel imparted to Arya – the art of sword fighting, as well as fortitude in the face of death – helped the young Stark survive her many misadventures.

“I demand a trial by combat.”

For two distinct occurrences in the hit HBO series, the dwarf  Tyrion Lannister out-maneuvered a rigged trial by playing the last ace up his sleeve: deferring judgment to the gods and demanding a warrior’s arena as his court.

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“You know nothing, John Snow.”

The line that launched a thousand memes, this quote, attributed to the wildling Ygritte, is a slight on John Snow’s youth, naiveté, and unsullied principles.

“Winter is coming.”

Formally the motto of dour House Stark, these words are best associated with its patriarch, Eddard, who, upon acceptance of the king’s offer to become the hand, anticipated a bleak future ahead of him and his family.

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What more witty, sardonic, and game-changing dialogue are in store for GOT’s rabid viewers? With the next season expected to premiere on April 2015, we have more than half a year to simmer our excitement.

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